Finishing Service

Roll Form Labels

Our company can produce your labels in a roll form using any type of stock material that you require. There are 8 types of unwind direction to roll the labels. Therefore, it is important to know the unwind direction of the labels on the roll if your labels are machine applied. If you are not sure about selecting the unwind direction, just give us a call and our staffs will be able to help you.

UV Varnishing

Ultra Violet (UV) Varnishing is a process to achieve more striking and attractive type of coating on the printed material. With UV varnishing it gives your printed material looks more perfect with the varnish appearing noticeably. UV coating is like a deluxe version of non-UV varnishes which require special Ultraviolet drying machinery.

Hot Stamping Stickers

Hot stamping can be used on paper, white pvc and transparent material. Hot stamping can give additional effect to your products. This sticker is frequently used for cosmetic, fashion labels or beauty items. Furthermore, adding foil stamping able to create more elegant look on your products. It also provides additional security on the products or items.


Perforation is where you add a tearable portion to the paper. The size of the perforation is small and it's separated cuts in the paper to allow pieces of paper to stay attached. It can also be torn when it's necessary. Perforation can be custom shape or anything that needs to be perfectly torn or torn in half.

Die-cut Shapes and Custom Die Cutting

Our company has various types of die-cut shapes. You may enhance your stickers with a unique shape from our various types of die-cut shapes. Die-cutting able to create customs product to helps better marketing.

Sheet Form Labels

Sheet form labels are the most economical option to choose for multiple label designs. Sheet form labels can be used either for practicality or economy.

Lamination (Gloss/Matte)

There are 2 types of lamination which are gloss lamination and matte lamination. Lamination adds a professional aesthetic and able to protect your printed materials or stickers from extensive wear with plastic film lamination.

Embossing & Debossing

Embossing is where stamps an image or logo on the printed material, making it lift up on top of the paper surface. It creates tactile dimension on your printed material.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners reduce the wear and tear of corners and give your job a professional touch.
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